It has been a long time that we saw Mitch Hewer on the big screen. Now, in 2014, he will be back! We see him at least acting in two movies this year. The first is called Behaving Badly and is a kind of Teeny Comedy. The Teenager Rick Stevens has a crush on a girl, but she has already a boyfriend! Mitch is playing Steven Stevens, the brother of Rick. About the second movie, named Nightlight, is not much known yet. It will be a Horror-Movie and the filming is finished already. There is no release date announced but the IMDb says it will be shown in 2014.

If you follow his Twitter-Account, you may know that he is back in the UK for now. Probably to celebrate his birthday with his friends and family, which was at the 1st of July. The US is his second home and he has made a lot of contacts and friends there. Check out his Instagram too, there are lots of nice images showing him having fun.

The official Trailer for Behaving Badly

At 50 seconds you can see Mitch laying around playing with a litte paper-umbrella.